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The sole mission at Evey Fine Art & Evey Editions is fostering a love for the arts. To this end, our Online Art Shop provides a wide range of services to facilitate the discovery, sale, and delivery of pieces from our collection. Contact us directly for personal support in shipping our artwork to your home and to ensure you have the best shopping experience.

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Evey Fine Art & Evey Editions has grown over time to become a well-renowned Online Art Shop; a popular destination for devoted art lovers and collectors. Our high quality Shipping & Delivery options have helped us earn a reputation for service excellence, and a business committed to customer satisfaction. Take advantage of this service today.


As a brick and mortar gallery and professional Online Art Shop, we believe that buying art should be experienced first hand, fun, exciting and enjoyable. This service is designed to meet the needs of art buyers, and help them find the inspiration to come away with a piece they absolutely love. Send us pictures of your walls for a custom-fitted curated selection sent to you to lighten up your home.


At Evey Fine Art & Evey Editions, we know finding that perfect piece of artwork isn’t always easy and making its frame fit your personal taste as well as your home is crucial. Our Custom Framing services make sure you come away with exactly what you want. Find out more about how this service can help connect you with the art you love.


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