Collecting Art Online

The Evolution of Buying Original Art: The elite world of art has slowly been opening its doors, and becoming more accessible to the masses, but not by condoning mass-produced art. Finding, purchasing and collecting original art is becoming more available as platforms that connect buyer with artist develop.

Online galleries are not a compromise to their brick and mortar predecessors, but an evolution. While physical galleries offer a positive experience all their own, when online marketplaces are done to a high standard, we are convinced there is room for both to flourish.

First adopters, including interior designers and collectors have seen the light early and have been taking advantage of buying online for years. Slowly, the secret is getting out.

Selection - something for everyone

The best online galleries give you access to artists from all over the world, far beyond the reach of the brick and mortar galleries you can access in person. Without the restrictions of square footage and wall space, online platforms will always have more selection, and by extension more variety. A curated gallery always strives for a cohesive selling space, meaning throughout the year they can be restricted to specific genres, mediums, or artists. Online galleries can offer cohesion and selection without chaos or sacrifice.

EVEY EDITION presents a curated selection of art in a wide range of mediums and styles. From paintings to mixed media and select photography, featuring modern and contemporary pieces. EVEY EDITION has cutting edge art that pushes boundaries as well as more conservative pieces. With a range of styles, mediums and price points spanning 500+ works, there is truly something for everyone and every occasion. Top Online galleries such as EVEY EDITION are making it possible for a greater number of people to own a piece of fine art.

Curation - exclusive access to incredible collections

The best online galleries are still highly curated, just like their blood and bone counterparts. EVEY EDITION displays the best art from the most talented emerging and established artists from around the world - so rest assured everything you come across is high quality.

Their team's curation process carefully hand selects only the highest-quality, and many of the works showcased on EVEY EDITION are not available in galleries. With artist acceptance rates lower than 7%, they are even more selective than the Ivy League. Working hand in hand with artists from over twenty different countries EVEY EDITION has become a launch pad for artistic careers and a vibrant forum for discovering new talent.

Flexibility - browse on your own time

Picture having your own key to the most exclusive galleries in the world. Browsing online is the next best thing. Gallery hours are whatever you make them and the convenience is unparalleled. You can just as easily browse at 3 AM with a glass of wine or 5 AM with a cup of coffee.

Creating a home and personal space that is distinctly our own is becoming more and more important. We want the one of a kind coffee table from that little antique store, or the vintage sign hanging in the hallway that reminds us of our favorite soda as a child. Interior design and decoration is no longer simply coordinating your home to the standards of the current design trends, but passionately creating a space in which we can live our daily lives. We all want to be surrounded by things we absolutely adore, and the goal at EVEY EDITION is to find you that piece you truly love. By not just investing in original art, but by doing so online, you are shopping for something exceptional, in the comfort of your own home, with the purpose of making your home truly one-of-a-kind, just like you.


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